Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boy's 1A Final - Hancock vs. Turner

Closing Thoughts

What an exciting set up games. In the first you had the girls of Calvary hold off the star from Terrell County, Monshay Thomas, to win the title. Then in game two Hancock Central struggled to get their star in the game, but in the end he stepped up like all-stars do. He played strong on the glass and in the paint. It was a great start to the day and we're just getting started.

4th Quarter

Apparently Hancock wanted as much excitement in this one as possible. With six seconds left the in bounds man threw the ball up in the air only 28 feet from the basket. Lawson got an open shot for the three, but it bounced off the back of the rim. Time expired after two Fluellen free throws. Hancock Central wins the title 49-40

Down two it's going to be tough for Turner to pull this one out. If Hancock can make their free throws the game is in the books.

Burgess drove the ball, then passed it to Spikes in the corner. Spikes fakes the three then tried for the easy two, but missed it. Hancock grabbed the rebound and drained one free throw on the other end. Hancock 47-45 :06

Down three with 21 seconds to go Turner has the ball. A great finish to close out 1A championship round. Jackson has been the best shooter for Turner. If he can get open he is the most viable option here. Look for them to set a screen for him at the otp of the key.

Jontarius Stanton at the line for 1 & 1, he makes the first. And the second.

Jeremy Lawrence misses the first of a 1 & 1 for Hancock. Then fouls out of the game, but Turner misses the free throw. Hancock 44-43 :30.

An easy layup for Kenny Moore backfires after he loses the ball. Turner comes back and drains a three in the corner by Marquis Jackson. Hancock 44-43 1:09.

Their triple teaming of Holsey is beginning to backfire. Holsey passes the ball to James Watkins who is open for a jumper just inside the arc. Hancock 44-40 1:38.

Hancock gets a steal after a bad pass from Turner’s Champ Spikes. Their defense ahs been the key to this turnaround.

3rd Quarter

With four Turner defenders around him

Two straight turnovers for Hancock, Coach Holland has to be happy with his team’s defense. He also brings in more height off the bench. Turner 33-29 1:29

Since going small Turner has struggled on offense. They are sporting two players around 6’5” with everyone else hovering around 6 feet even. They are forced to only take jump shots, and at this point they aren’t falling.

Turner has begun to triple team Holsey, but he is still getting the ball and got fouled for the second straight possession. Makes both free throws. Turner 30-29 2:55.

Turner is forcing the bigs of Hancock to get the ball at the top of the key, somewhere they aren’t as comfortable. However on this possession Holsey demonstrates his inside out game, making a baby hook and getting fouled. Turner 30-27 3:18.

Jackson also added a three-pointer that had the whole crowd on the edge of their seats. The ball was halfway down, popped out, then rolled around the cylinder before falling in.

Marquis Jackson just drove down the court on a secondary fast break, and danced his way through the Hancock’s bigs, scoring a layup. He has played outstanding in the 2nd half. Media Timeout 4:37 Turner 27-24.

Hancock is going to get open looks in this second half. Turner is doubling down on Holsey when he gets the ball, leaving the perimeter players open. If they can knock those down this game will be Hancock’s for the taking.

Turner’s defense however has really picked up. Turner gets a steal and a shot attempt, before being fouled after implementing a full court press. Turner 25-24 6:27

Hancock already has two team fouls one minute into the 3rd. They can’t get lazy defensively, they need to keep their feet moving.

NOW THAT’S HOW YOU START A HALF! Right out of the locker room Turner runs a set play and gets an alley-oop from Marquis Jackson to Demetrius Ewing. The play ignited the crowd and the bench, who sensed it was coming. On the other end Ewing blocks Holsey’s shot. 7:12 Tie 24-24.

Turner starts with the ball here in the 2nd half down by two. Wonder if Turner’s deep bench will work to their advantage in the second.


It has been an extremely sloppy first half from both teams. That pace has to favor Turner who would much rather play a game in the fifties rather than the seventies. Remember in their last game Turner held the defending state champions to their lowest point total in three years, this game is on pace to follow the same trend.

Expect lots of changes in the second half, while Turner will look to take advantage of their speed and Hancock will look to find ways to get their offense on track. Defensively each team is doing a great job of disrupting the game. Hancock is clogging the paint with their bigs, making life difficult on the rebounding side for Turner, while Turner has utilized their speed to keep the ball out of the paint and out of Holsey’s hands.

Before we get back to game action I must compliment the Turner coach in his attire. He looks like Bruce Pearl, sporting the orange sports jacket, Turner’s primary color, with a black bow tie. Hancock’s coach isn’t too shabby himsel

2nd Quarter

18 seconds left and Hancock is looking to extend their two point lead before half, but the ball gets away and a scrum begins. Halftime Hancock 22-20.

Two big misses by Holsey at the foul line with one minute left in the quarter. Turner is now in the bonus. Turner is faster along the perimeter than Hancock and that has lead to a tied game at 20. with 40 secs. left.

For a big guy Holsey handles the ball outstandingly, as Turner picks up a full court press. Hancock 20-18 1:18.

With very little success getting the ball to Holsey Hancock is moving him on the perimeter to free up the lane for drives by Fluellen.

Holsey took advantage of an offensive board right out of that timeout, and also almost got a steal flashing out on defense. Hancock 20-16 2:36.

The game has been sloppy throughout as both teams are trying to beat their opponents off the dribble. If either team can slow down the page of the game and get better looks at the basket that is the team that will prevail. Early Holsey has yet to get clean looks and Turner has not suffered from their lack of height. Hancock 18-14 3:34

1st Quarter

Each team suffering from early game jitters as neither team’s offense has been able to get in sync. Holsey scores the first basket off an offensive rebound, 5:56 HC 5 - TC 0.

The battle between Turner and Hancock Central will be an intriguing one as the two teams bring two very different styles to the court. Hancock’s Kammeon Holsey is a beast inside at 6’8”, while Turner’s lineup features much shorter players, with their starting center standing at 6’5”.