Saturday, March 8, 2008

Class 3A Boys Championship Game- Carver vs. Glenn Hills

POST GAME THOUGHTS (Final score Glenn Hills 64-57 Carver)

That was a wild one. Carver fought hard, but they just didn't have it tonight. You could see why they made it here because of their athleticism, but they weren't able to execute at crucial times. They just couldn't ever get it down to a one-score game. What a tourney run they had though, they have no reason to hang their heads. Look out for them next season as Jones returns alongside plenty more firepower.

Meanwhile, Glenn Hills are state champs. And they deserve it, they were the better team on the floor tonight. They've flown uner the radar, but they are as talented as anyone out there. And they showed it tonight with fantastic performances from Reggie Middleton and and Chris Reynolds.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage over the past two days, and the whole tournament here on GPB. It's been a great basketball season, and I enjoyed being a part of it with you today. See you all next year!


IT's over. Glenn Hills are champions. Congratulations Spartans!

Ross had an open look from the corner to pull Carver within 2 but missed it. Middleton going to the line with 8 seconds to play and Glenn Hills holding a 62-57 lead

It's not over yet, GH just lost the ball out of bounds.

WHAT A PUT BACK DUNK by Ross for Carver off a missed three pointer. It may be too little too late though. Just 15 seconds to play and GH with the lead

REynolds to the line for GH, Hawkins has fouled out. 39 seconds left. He makes one of 2

Hawkins throws it away, that might do it.

Allen makes both FTs

That last offensive possesion was an opportunity missed for Carver. They really need Allen to help them out here and miss one or both of these FT's.

Charge on Carver, that looked like a flop to me. Allen is going to the line with 0:49 seconds left as Jones was forced to commit his fifth foul.

TURNOVER GLENN HILLS. Curry steps out of bounds in the backcourt. 1:02 to play now

Ross gets the 2, its a 4 point game

Carver have not shot the 3 well all game, but they will probably try to set up an outside shot here to make this a one-score game.

Carver can't convert on the next possesion. But Jones gets the ball back after a scrum under the basket. He hit the deck hard diving for the loose ball and got the timeout. 1:25 to play and the Spartans lead 59-53

Looks like that play worked, Jones with the lay up off the inbounds pass and it's back to five. But once again, Carver's pressure D results in a foul. Reggie Middleton hits 1, and it's a 6 point lead for GH with 2 minutes to play

Just a quick note, both teams are in the double bonus

Carver timeout with the ball and 2:29 to play and a 57-51 lead for GH. This is a crucial posession for the Tigers.

1 of 2 from Hawkins and its a 56-61 game. But Fortson fouls out on a bad foul in the backcourt. Patrick Willis will play the rest of the way because of his disqualifcation. 2:46 to go

Martin takes a bad shot, but Hawkins gets the board and gets fouled by McCloud. That's 5 on McCloud and he's finsihed. Demetrius Curry, who started the game but hasn't had much of an impact, will replace him.

GH throw it away with 3:03 to play, Carver have a chance to finally get closer than 6 here.

Great take by Hawkins and its back down to 6 with 3:10 to go.

Fortson gets the call this time as he draws foul #4 on McCloud. He converts on 1 of 2 and it's 56-48

Jarmon Fortson needs to stay under control. He provides great energy but is losing his cool with regards to the referees. If doesn't watch out he will get a T.

Carver just can't seem to get closer than six. They're down 55-47 with White going to the line for Glenn Hills. Timeout for Carver with 3:49 to play.

Stephenson just fouled out on a charge. That could be big. It was a good call. 4:53 to play

Jones is already making his presence known, as hie scores with a putback to make it 53-47 with just over 5 minutes left

Johnson just committed his fifth foul for Carver, and here comes Jones to take his place.

It will be interesting to see when Coach Beulah comes back with Jones, who is currently sitting on the bench with 4 fouls.

Carlos Ross makes good on the FT's this time, and it's a 6 point game with 6:20 to go

Shawn Allen wiht another big bucket to stretch the lead to 8. He has been huge tonight for the Spartans.

Reynolds jut missed an easy one for GH, but he got the rebound and put it back in. Meanwhile, Carver are shooting 1-and-1 after Emilio Johnson draws the 4th foul against Stephenson. But he fails to convert the 1-and-1.

Jones with an offensive board and score after a steal and its down to 4 right away.

Fouth quarter is just started with GH inbounding at half court.


A tip-in with 5 seconds to play for Carver, and it's just a 47-41 game heading to the final quarter. Stay tuned...

Despite that three from Reynolds, Glenn Hills are losing the momentum. They just turned it over, and Wallace calls a full timeout with 1:01 to play and GH leading 47-39.

GH responds with a three of they own from Reynolds. But Carver come back down the floor and Carolos Ross gets to the line. He splits a pair.

Hawkins for three and its down to 44-38.

Carver have been better offensively, but they need to make the extra pass. They just took an off balance shot rather than finding a wide open Martin in the corner. GH leads 44-35

Jones is having some trouble for Carver. It looks like he's being bothered by an injury and GH are bringing the double-team whenever he touches the ball in the paint.

Stephenson just came through with a fantastic three-point-play. GH now lead by 10 with 3:20 to go

Carver may be in the bonus before we reach the 3rd quarter. As Glenn Hills already have 5 team fouls.

I'm a little surprised to see Martin exit the game here with 4:45 to go in the quarter. He has been a big reason for Carver's offensive resurgence although it hasn't shown on the stat sheet. Immediately after he exits Carver turns the ball over and loses Emilio Johnson for a while as he commits his fourth foul on the ensuing breakaway. He probably should have just let GH's Jihad McCloud get the layup rather than going for the big time block. Media timeout from Macon, Glenn Hills with the 36-30 lead

Charles Martin has been handling the bal more for Carver in this half. He's done a nice job so far. Nice shot drive by Emilio Johnson to make the score 35-30 in favor of Genn Hills

Hawkins with the J and Carver have the momentum, they trail 33-28

We've got three team fouls on GH just 40 seconds into the quarter. That could loom large down the line.

BIG PLAY from Marcel Hawkins as he draws the third foul for Stephenson just 10 seconds in. Jones with the bucket soon after and Carver are down 7 in the opening minute

Third quarter is underway, Carver ball.

Under 1 minute before we start the second half. Jarvis Jones has 3 fouls for Carver, keep an eye on that. I'd expect the Spartans to go right at him in this third quarter and try to draw number 4.

HALFTIME- Glenn Hills 33-24 Carver.

You could see why no one expected Carver to get this far. I don't even want to think about how many turnovers (many of them unforced) they had in the second quarter. Jarmon Fortson lost control of the tempo as Middleton began to dictate the pace of the game. This clearly frustrated the Tigers, and they fell apart on offense. Rather than slowing things down, they tried to make up the growing deficit all at once by launching ill-advised jump shots. A lot of their turnovers came in transition, with the quick and long combo of Stephenson and Reynolds getting into passing lanes.

For Glenn Hills, they have a 9 point lead without playing their best game. They started to calm down towards the end of the half, with Middleton taking control and Stephenson/Reynolds becoming more involved. They also benifited from some great bench play with White and Shawn Allen providing an excelent spark. If they play the way they did in the final few minutes of the quarter, they should come out on top.

I'm going to get a quick breather. But I'll be back with all the second half action.


It's halftime and Glenn Hills hold a 33-24 lead.

Another bad shot for Carver as Marcel Hawkins fires up a contested trey with 30 seconds to go. Carver should have held for the last shot, instead Andre White is heading to the line for GH

Fortson with the offensive rebound on a FT miss, he lays it in and it's 28-24. But Reggie Middleton is headed back to the line after being fouled in the backcourt with 1:17 to play

Carver are a mess offensively right now. They have only taken a handful of quality shots this quarter.

Nice reverse from Allen, he has six off the bench and GH lead 26-21 with 2 minutes to go. Soon after, Marcel Hawkins throws up a shot thats as good as a turnover. Warren Beulah needs to get his team under control, they can't afford to play this poorly against a team like Glenn Hills.

Turnovers on four consecutive possesions. This has been the most poorly executed season I've seen all year.

This game is turning into a track meet. And it's been ugly for both teams with countless turnovers.

Timeout with 4:16 to go in the quarter. Glenn Hills have had the edge recently, but they need to start converting on their opportunities offensively. Reynolds and Middleton have played well in this quarter. Carver need PG Jarmon Fortson to play better, he has been erratic in this quarter and it has cost them dearly.

It seems like it's been 23-19 for an eternity. Both teams are missing a ton of shots.

Carver are no longer controlling the tempo. Which could be very dangerous against a talented team like Glenn Hills.

Glenn Hills have really brought the defense in this quarter. Carver have three turnovers by my count with just two minutes played. Meanwhile, Middleton is starting to dominate.

Reynolds is starting ot assert himself. What a pass to Andrea White under the basket who drew the foul. He sinks both from the line to give the Spartans the 19-17 lead

We've got a Chris Reynolds sighting. He's at the line after grabbing an offensive board. He splits a pair at the line to tie the game at 15.

Second quarter is underway, GH ball


Carver go in front on a nice spot up three from Martin with 10 seconds to go. After one quarter of play, Carver leads 15-14.

Allen with another bucket, he has been a major spark off the bench for the Spartans

Stephenson has 2 fouls after he was just called for a block. That's smoething to keep an eye on.

Middleton is startng to find his groove. He just found Shawn Allen for an open layup to make it a 1 point game

Middleton comes out of the TO and hits a three. 8-5

TV timeout with 4:25 to go. Carver lead 8-2. Coach Wallace does not look happy with the effort from his Glenn Hills team. They have not executed their gameplan early.

Yet another turnover for the Spartans as Middleton loses the ball out of bounds. If Carver can hit a few shots here they could get out to a nice lead.

Glenn Hills with another turnover on a backcourt violation and Wallace calls for time. GH seem to be nervous which is common in a state title game. But Carver have come out poised and executing their game.

Glenn Hills are a little out of control early. Stephenson jsut threw an ill-advised pass out of bounds. 7-2 Carver leads

You can see why Carver gave Dunwoody prolems. They can get up and down the floor in no time.

Middleton gets GH on the board with 6:30 to go in the quarter.

Jones muscles his way down low and notches a three point play. 5-0 to Carver.

Nice J from Martin to open up the scoring

Carver wins the tip and we're underway in the final game of the day

Starting lineup for Carver: Jones, Johnson, Fortson, Martin, Hawkins
For Glenn Hills: Middleton, Stephenson, Reynolds, Curry, McCloud


Previewing this one, I've got to say that Glenn Hills are big favorites. They have three guys that have signed D-1 scholarships in Reggie Middleton, Jerel Stephenson, and Chris Reynolds. I'll be honest, I was expecting this to be a star-studded matchup between Dunwoody and GH. But Carver shocked everyone by easily beating the 'Cats in the semis. Carver rely a lot on Jarvis Jones, a big time football prospect. Just from looking at both teams, it's safe to guess he's going to be the strongest guy on the floor.

I'm expecting a high scoring game, as both of these squads feature a ton of athleticism. But in the end, I predict Glenn Hills to come out on top. We're just 3 minutes away from tip off, stay tuned for my updates from Macon.

We're just about 10 minutes away from the boys game between a very talented Glenn Hills squad and one a great Cinderella Story in Carver. I'll be here for the duration with updates. Until then, keep up to date with my pregame thoughts. And as always, if you have any questions or comments shoot me an email at